Specialized transport

The dynamically changing market creates new challenges, which is why we try to adapt our services to the needs of even the most demanding customers. We are happy to undertake tasks related to specialized transport. Comprehensive cooperation of our team, appropriate equipment and methods tailored to all transport needs, allow the realization of the most demanding orders. Our staff takes care of selecting the appropriate equipment for the means of transport.Transcar guarantees trouble-free cargo transport, in accordance with road safety regulations and obtaining the necessary permits. Our specialized transport includes a wide range of services, more information can be found below:

Groupage transport (LTL)
Our modern and professional fleet of vehicles enables a wide range of groupage goods transport on domestic and international routes. This kind of transport is much more complicated, therefore, too our company always ensures a high level of safety both during cargo preparation and on the way. We create a loading unit from a few or even several dozen packages, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of transport.

Full Truck Load (FTL)
Our company also offers the possibility of transporting full truck loads. It consists in transporting goods that fill the entire surface of the trailer, or when the weight of this load is close to the limit weight. In this order, the cargo space is not divided into several suppliers, but is intended entirely for one contractor. This type of transport is less time-consuming because the route is directly from the sender to the specific addressee. The goods are carefully packed and secured, we use appropriate pallets, boxes and containers. We will individually match the most profitable offer for each Client.

Hazardous (ADR)
Transport of dangerous goods (ADR) We also undertake the transport of goods considered by law to be dangerous. We are well aware that the transport of this type of goods must be properly prepared and carried out by means of transport adapted to this. We always take care of the safest and most compliant transport possible. We transport dangerous goods only in certified packaging that protects them against any consequences of damage. Our vehicles are additionally equipped with equipment that protects the environment and the driver in the case of any dangerous incident. Our team of drivers has appropriate training, as evidenced by regularly renewable certificates confirming the ability to transport ADR loads on domestic and foreign routes.

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